Sunday, April 23, 2006

Moving notice

(View of a building from the Viaduc des Arts)

Apartments in Paris are damn small. I would probably give my eye-teeth to live in this flatiron-style apartment building. Instead, I am moving from my current apartment in Arts et métiers, my well-loved neighborhood, to a smallier and crappier place in the Latin Quarter, because of a crazy man in my building.

Maybe it will be a good education to learn to know a new part of the city. Here's hoping that Les étages, the café (although maybe not the cut-rate hammam) of the Grande mosquée de Paris, and the used bookstores of the Left Bank will be a good new home.

[Update: Actually, I like my new place. It has amazing amazing quantities of sunlight from the 4th floor window. And anyone who can't deal with a toilette à la Turque for a couple months isn't tough people. I'll just imagine it's 1923 and I'm Ernest Hemingway...or Igor Stravinsky or something....]


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