Friday, March 31, 2006

a last look at pre-spring paris

because it's springy April now, not March when these photos were taken...

En mars, vent ou pluie
Que chacun veille sur lui

These are the only remaining fortification walls built by Philippe Auguste between 1190 and 1220, and rebuilt in the fourteenth century by Charles V. It was built when the Marais was still marshland (kind of like this day), although people clearly decided to build their houses into it later on, when the city grew and sieges were no longer a big threat. This photo was taken around the rue des Jardins Saint-Paul, although the wall originally also extended along the rue des Rosiers, rue des Hospitalières Saint-Gervais, and rue des Francs Bourgeois from the Crédit Municipal to the Hôtel de Saint Aignan.
Paris had lots of water shortage problems until Napoleon built these handy outdoor fountains around town... which still exist in the Marais although nobody congregates around them anymore...

a happy rainy afternoon on rue Charlemagne... near the absinthe shop!...

part of the village of St-Paul, medieval buildings saved from being destroyed for new developments by craftsmen, artisans, artists, and antique dealers who still live here today, in the old city block, marked by these flags... one of my favorite areas of Paris...

It's very wet, and the tree boughs look like a poem from Ezra Pound here at the Picasso museum, where a little posthumous due is being given to Dora Maar, who was an artist in her own right... and the street glows orange, slightly.

106. In a Station of the Metro. THE apparition of these faces in the crowd;. Petals on a wet, black bough.

Quand Mars bien mouillé sera, beaucoup de fruit cueilleras.


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