Monday, January 23, 2006

graffitti around Château-Landon

Next up: the Gare de l'Est. But first: some more street art, because the graffitti painters get inspired by train stations and transport hubs, and also because I promised more space invaders.

my legs plus a message written on the wall (er, sidewalk), Nebuchadnezzar + FDR:

Here the space invader's eyes match the pattern of light in the windows behind him - they would be looking in the same direction if they weren't on different planes. I hope that was intentional.

and on the rue Etienne Marcel:


Anonymous Berlinerin said...

RE the third picture-- wouldn't the pattern of light in those windows be different at another time of day, when the sun is in a different place? Makes me think the matching with the space invader isn't intentional, but is rather a coindidental moment you happily happened to catch.

7:31 AM  

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