Saturday, December 03, 2005

fake hills, geese, and flying machines

Today I visited Belleville and the sweet park Buttes-Chaumont, with its artificial rock-cliff surmounted by a gazebo, the waterfall in the cave with fake stalagtites, and the ducks of course... including one very large goosey-duck who was ready to defend his turf against me. It was a beautiful afternoon -- the trees are still mostly still green because Paris isn't *really* that cold (I guess), and you are eye-to-eye with all sorts of crazy seventies skyscrapers when you are up in the gazebo. Even the grass was still green -- I felt like I was in a set for Blow-Up. The park's seamless blurring of nature and artifice was fascinating. However, there was no camera, so instead let me distract you with this picture of something I could have used at Buttes-Chaumont...this nineteenth century flying machine form Arts et métiers where I got on the 11 ligne...

okay, maybe the foto isn't 100% centered, but you have to admit, I did a really good job of not getting stopped by the museum guards... er...


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