Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"welcome new members"

i will be away for some time in the US at a conference, so my updating may be a bit spotty next week. And, judging from the email I just got for from the v.p. of the association, i am going to a conference full of crazy people!

cf. second paragraph.

my god.

unless that's because of the presence of [insert name of very famous old writer known for getting drunk and hitting on women and behaving in generally misogynous ways] -- in which case, ha, maybe i need to get me one of those red tags.

Dear Colleague,

This year a number of members are coming to the annual meeting for the first time, including junior professors and graduate students as well as older hands, and we want to make sure that everyone feels at home with the literary family of [acronym deleted]. [Field deleted] academics and imaginative writers are not necessarily the most gregarious of mortals, but we encourage each of you to make bold to sit down with total strangers and introduce yourself—and persons who have been sat down by not to be affronted but to introduce themselves in turn. Moreover, we want to facilitate forming groups to go out to dinner on Friday night after the reception and the president's address. For this purpose, we suggest that persons interested meet together in the second-floor foyer fifteen minutes after the president's address (c. 7:15), count themselves off by sixes or eights, and decide where to go for dinner without making a federal case of it. Obviously a member from the [city deleted] area could be especially helpful in each group, but a short list of recommended restaurants will be circulated by e-mail before the meeting and on paper at it.

If you are a loner and wish to stay that way, please ask the officers to supply you with a red name tag.


[name deleted]


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