Monday, October 24, 2005

le Passagxxe de Molière

Another half-roofed, half-open passage, in the Marais. We like bikes in the Marais.
Come in...

Part of the luxury of the passages was supposed to be that you could walk through Paris and have dry feet, not a drop of rain on your head, be sheltered from all the tempests of Paris' doux climate. You were also protected from the busy street, where they hadn't invented modern traffic laws yet, and there was a lot of horse manure.

Almost over-protected - didn't it get stuffy, with all those gas lights? I like the half-open passages because they are (often) so green and alive.

And the proprietaires have at least as much character as the ones in the covered passages. Note, for example, this highly useful shop.

I think they shouldn't limit themselves. Just hands and feet?

When there are so many other exciting body parts worthy of artistic immortality?

(that must be what is creepy about this shop: the death mask-li-ness of it. There was a very happy looking Tibetan shop as well as some art galleries in this passage too!)

"Robin, 5 months"
"Victoire, 1 year old, with papa's help, for mom's birthday."

look, the hands are trying to tell me something! hmm, it's like looking into a Rohrschach blot...

Benjamin: "Les passages sont des galeries qui n'ont pas de face extérieure. Comme le rêve."


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