Wednesday, October 19, 2005

hot chocolate and more ruins

so, right now i am making myself a BOWL of hot chocolate for breakfast because when you are in france, you are not only allowed but in fact encouraged to do things like this. and i am making it with raw, unpasteurized (but filtered) demi écremé milk which, granted, is only from my local Monoprix but when have I ever even had access to raw milk in the U.S.??

à l'ancienne apparently means that your chocolate mix consists of little chocolate squiggles, instead of powder or shavings. I have no idea if this is higher quality or not, but it dissolves almost instantaneously and is YUM.

as you can see I have finally managed to read my user's manual in Spanish (because OF COURSE the English version disappeared in the move) and soon you will be getting even more exciting pictures off my camera.

Meanwhile, a few more paintings from Robert des Ruines:

Hubert Robert, Demolition.
Camille Desmoulins has incited the crowd, which is about to conquer the Bastille, a mostly disused fortress containing very few prisoners but nonetheless a sign of the People's ability to win a battle against royal guard soldiers. If you look at the top of towers, you can see damage already being done...soon people will dismantle the Bastille, take bits of it away as souvenirs (such as keys which you can see in the Musee Carnavalet), turn some bits into novelty items like mini models of the Bastille or card tables made out of former metal doors... citizens will spontaneously take and use the rest of the Bastille ruins as building materials.

Hubert Robert, Saint-Denis.
Here, if you could only see properly, you would know that citizens have busted through the roof of the Saint-Denis cathedral and are busily throwing out the remains of various deceased members of the royal Capet family into ditches and unmarked mass graves. This (apparently) includes the bones of St. Louis, a past king who got canonized. Those citoyens are THOROUGH.


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