Saturday, October 22, 2005

also: "boh?!" my debut as misanthrope

The question that seems to guide all this: is it better company being around other people, or being on one's own (with books and radio and e/mail)?

I have a new friend, who shall be called X, who has a boyfriend across the Atlantic but who has also taken up with a 23 year old at the school she's on an exchange with. Whenever I call her or she calls me, I can hear him in the background. What bothers me is not the ethical issues (although she tells me she hasn't said a word to her boyfriend across the seas); nor is it the fact that she and I are pushing 28 and 30, not 24; but more just that I want back the friend I was in the process of making. a) How hard is it really to move to a new country?? and, b) What is so incredibly bad about being alone for a little bit? I met the kid and he is really sweet, but he's never had an apartment of his own or supported himself or lived with anybody...different life stages. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. And is hard to be picky about friends when one has just moved to a new country and knows very few people, but: but.

Last night was dinner with two grad students from an Ivy League school that is a rival to my Ivy League school. One is lovely, but the other (a historian) was competitive. And insisted on giving me advice, one of the most tactless (and boring) dinner tactics possible if the other person has not asked for advice. Gah.

too many expat grad students! Just got in touch with an old performance artist friend in Berlin, who is in no way a grad student, and who is planning some new projects. Must go visit.


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